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Our History

PT Adyawinsa Dinamika was started in 1994 in a small garage in Pisangan, Jakarta. Its first project was to produce headrest frame for Toyota “Kijang” at that time.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika was given an opportunity and trust from Mitsubishi Corporation to mass produce their components. They moved its workshop to a factory in Jababeka Industrial Estate Cikarang, West Java, to focus more on Metal Stamping and Die Making.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika expanded its business portfolio to Plastic Injection and Mold Making.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika expanded its Metal Stamping facility to Hyundai Industrial Estate, Cikarang, West Java in order to support the production in its first factory.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika was appointed by Philips Management as a Philips Co-Maker in producing Philips Luminaire/Lamp Housing.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika branched off to the Telecommunication industry by manufacturing a public multi coins telephone and re-selling CDMA telephone as its first activity.
As a pioneer of Adyawinsa Group, PT Adyawinsa Dinamika was recognized as the first Indonesian company that has successfully implemented a “World Standard Of Quality Management System” based on ISO / TS 16949 and obtained two certificates at the same time from International Automotive Task Force (IATF).
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika created its first subsidiary called PT Adyawinsa Dinamika Karawang, with a business scope of Stamping, Tool Making and Sub. Assy parts for automotive. They relocated to West Karawang from Hyundai Industrial and moved all of its Stamping and Tool Making production there.
To support an increase in demand from the automotive industry that was growing at that time, PT Adyawinsa Dinamika expanded its Stamping business and established a second subsidiary called PT Adyawinsa Stamping Industries in East Karawang.
A third subsidiary, PT Adyawinsa Telecommunication & Electrical was established in Jababeka Industrial Estate Phase II, following the continued expansion of PT Adyawinsa Dinamika’s activities in telecommunication and electrical solutions’, manufacturing, services, and trading.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika established its fourth subsidiary in East Karawang called PT Adyawinsa Plastic Industries Karawang and moved all plastic injection and mold making manufacturing there.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika acquired a factory in Jababeka Industrial Estate Phase II and established its fifth subsidiary, PT Adyawinsa Electrical & Power, which manufactures solar panel, ballast, and luminaire.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika Karawang became a Joint Venture Company with Thailand’s Summit Auto Body. PT Summit Adyawinsa Indonesia was then established with a business scope of Stamping, Welding Assembly and Tool Making.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika started its own business entity in dredging, reclamation and general construction.
PT Adyawinsa Dinamika created its sixth subsidiary, PT Adyawinsa Automation Technology, that specializes in automation and robotics.