Jl. Pegangsaan Dua KM 2 No. 64 Jakarta Utara 14250

Adyawinsa at a Glance

PT. Adyawinsa Dinamika is the holding of a group of companies, providing mold, die, checking jig, fixtures, plastic injection, metal stamping, machining, welding, lamp housing manufacturing, electrical assembly, electrical product distributor, telecommunication infrastructure manufacturer, telecommunication product distributor and telecommunication services provider. As a holding company, currently PT. Adyawinsa Dinamika itself operates in general construction, dredging, and reclamation.

Adyawinsa Group work professionally in compliance to the world standard (ISO) to ensure quality planning, quality process, quality product, quality delivery and quality services in one goal to meet or even go beyond customers’ expectations.

PT. Adyawinsa Dinamika was established in 1994. It is now supported by more than 4,000 employees, most of them are in the manufacturing and telecommunication services industries.

PT. Adyawinsa Dinamika has five subsidiaries, i.e.:

  • PT. Adyawinsa Telecommunication & Electrical,
  • PT. Adyawinsa Electrical and Power for street lighting and renewable energy manufacturing (Solar Power System)
  • PT. Adyawinsa Stamping Industries for automotive industry
  • PT. Adyawinsa Plastic Industries for plastic injection, and
  • PT. Adyawinsa Automation and Technology for automation and robotics

And 1 Joint Venture Company:

  • PT. Summit Adyawinsa Indonesia, a JV with Summit Auto Body Thailand